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Which skin spots and treatment groups are suitable for laser freckle removal

Nowadays, laser freckle removal has become a minimally invasive and efficient freckle removal method. Before treatment, it should be noted that not all situations are suitable for this treatment. Let’s take a look at which skin spots and treatment groups laser freckle removal is suitable for.

Many clinical experts pointed out that laser freckle removal belongs to a popular beauty project, and the scope of use is also very wide, because laser treatment is very safe and there are almost no taboos, but the following beauty seekers should at least pay necessary attention to the treatment:

Photosensitive people and beauty seekers who have recently applied light sensitive drugs are sensitive to light and are prone to skin damage after treatment; Pregnant women, because the treatment has different degrees of pain, theoretically, the potential impact on fetal development can not be completely ruled out.

If retinoic acid is systematically used (at least 2 months after discontinuation), such patients may have potential temporary impairment of skin repair function. The laser freckle treatment of chloasma patients should be cautious.

In addition to the situation mentioned above, the rest can be treated with laser freckle. This laser treatment project can effectively treat black mole, freckles, senile plaques, sunburn, Tada nevus and chloasma, tattoos, tattoos and lines, vascular lesions, and so on. The effect is safe and reliable.