What is ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery? Is ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic good?

Ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery is an ultrasonic cosmetic technology, which can improve the face and eliminate wrinkles in a short time.

Ultrasonic scalpel is widely used in formal beauty institutions. It is a small minimally invasive surgical method with no obvious side effects. It is mainly irradiated by beauty instruments entering the market by stages. It directly acts on the bottom layer of the muscle without causing any damage to the basement membrane. The ultrasonic instrument can produce ultrasonic heat in a short time, The penetration and irritation of ultrasound are relatively good. It can promote the regrowth of deep cell tissue of the skin, achieve the effect of removing facial wrinkles, and make the skin more compact and elastic. This penetration can directly focus the heat at a fixed point, and make the heat at the fixed point coagulate in a short time, Achieve the effect of tightening and lifting.

Eat more protein containing foods every day to supplement the collagen needed by the body, which can play a role in delaying aging.

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