What is laser freckle removal

Most people hate spots and want their face to be flawless, but life is not satisfactory. Many people still grow spots. So what is laser freckle removal?

More and more beauty lovers are deeply troubled by skin problems, especially the appearance of spots makes the skin completely ugly. If you want to remove spots, you can choose laser freckle. So what is laser freckle?

What is laser freckle removal?

Laser freckle removal is to change the traditional laser emission mode into image beam mode. In short, it is to divide a point previously irradiated on the skin into hundreds of more subtle micro laser pulses. In this way, the treatment and maintenance of the skin are more accurate and the irradiation is more uniform, so as to effectively treat skin problems such as acne pits, acne marks, scars, acne and color spots, and avoid the occurrence of side effects such as infection and pigmentation.

Advantages of laser freckle removal:

  1. Laser freckle removal surgery does not need hospitalization, with small incision, no bleeding during operation, light trauma and no scar.
  2. After laser freckle removal, it can not only remove facial defects freckles, but also use the characteristics of photon rejuvenation to improve skin quality, whiten skin and eliminate small wrinkles.
  3. Laser freckle removal is more accurate, and it still has obvious curative effect on eyelids, and color spots.
  4. Laser can selectively heat, rupture, solidify and wither the pigment and pigment cells in freckles, that is, destroy the freckle tissue as much as possible without obvious damage to the normal skin around freckles, so as to ensure that the skin will not leave ugly scars after freckles are removed. In order to achieve the ideal treatment effect, there are no obvious side effects after operation. Generally, it only needs to be treated 1-2 times.