What are the indications of laser nevus removal?

Laser nevus is effective in treating various kinds of pigmentation, such as nevus of Ota, pigmented nevus, bad eyebrow, eye line, tattoo, senile plaques, port wine stains, tattoos, varicose veins, vascular diseases and so on. Laser removal of moles for different moles, the treatment time is different, and some times need more.

Black nevus: most of them gradually appear after puberty, several to dozens, from the tip of the needle to the grain of rice, large brown or black flat spots or raised papules, mainly distributed on the face and neck;

Zygomatic nevus: after puberty, clusters of spots from gray blue needles to the size of rice grains gradually appear on both zygomatic bones or under the lateral sides of both eyes. A few patients have familial inheritance;

Liver spots: brown spots that gradually increase after the age of 25, most of which appear symmetrically on both cheeks. The color is similar to that of cooked pig liver, so it is called liver spot, which has nothing to do with liver disease;

OTA’s mother spot: generally, there are gray-blue mottled plaques in the upper half of one side of the face, and even the sclera of the eyeball will have gray-blue, and the pigment is deep to the dermis;

Senile plaques: several to dozens of waxy, rough brown or papules and plaques, which gradually increase and increase. There are more places with more sun exposure, such as the back of the face and hands;

Sunburn: Oval protrusion or smooth dark brown plaque, which is easy to appear on the outside of forearm, back of hand, front of lower leg and face. About the size of rice grains to 50 cents’ began to appear in middle age;

Light coffee spots: generally, there are irregular light brown patches at birth;

Tattoo and tattoo eyebrow: plant pigment in the dermis manually, or lead pencil lead and iron powder into the skin due to accidental injury.