Side effects of ultrasonic knife? Does the ultrasound knife hurt?

The side effects of ultrasonic scalpel are obvious pain, destroy human fat, and may also lead to the decline of self repairing cell ability.

Ultrasonic scalpel is a mature and popular way of beauty. It has other effects on the skin and effectively improves the symptoms of skin and facial relaxation and sagging. The ultrasonic scalpel should choose a formal medical beauty agency, skilled operation technology, and experienced doctors can better grasp the treated parts to achieve the ideal effect of treatment. With superior ultrasonic energy, the ultrasonic knife can quickly penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue and fascia layer of the skin, produce tens of thousands of coagulation nodes, shrink the collagen and skin fiber layer, stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the subcutaneous tissue and the reorganization of skin elastic fibers, and restore the elasticity of the skin from the basal layer. The effect is very obvious. Moreover, the trauma to the skin is relatively small. During the operation, local anesthesia is used to reduce the tension of beauty seekers.

In ordinary life, we must strengthen the basic care of skin, apply more mask and replenishment.

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