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Several misunderstandings of micro plastic surgery must be mastered and plastic surgery should be treated correctly

In recent years, micro plastic surgery is very popular in the market, and many girls have done this kind of micro plastic surgery. Indeed, everyone who has done it knows that the effect is very good, which makes women have a good state again, so this beauty method has become the main way now. However, there are still some misunderstandings in micro plastic surgery. If you want to carry out such a beauty method, you must master these misunderstandings and treat the beauty method of micro plastic surgery correctly.

One of the misunderstandings: Micro shaping can achieve lifelong effect at one time. In the eyes of many people who have not experienced micro plastic surgery, this beauty method is also a one-time behavior. In fact, it is not. For example, hyaluronic acid can last for a certain time. Hyaluronic acid will be slowly absorbed by the body and then disappear. The biggest highlight of micro plastic surgery is that it will not cause harm to the body and will not feel painful due to the use of knife, but it can never maintain the effect for a lifetime.

Myth 2: micro plastic surgery also has a certain risk. In many people’s consciousness, micro plastic surgery is not dangerous. In fact, such problems still exist. In particular, there will be many dangerous situations on the inexperienced micro plastic platform, especially when botulinum toxin is injected. Once the position is not grasped correctly and the dose is wrong, it will cause facial stiffness, which is why some people will have facial stiffness after micro plastic surgery. All want to carry out micro plastic surgery must choose a formal medical institution.

Myth 3: disinfection is not thorough enough. Although it is micro plastic surgery, disinfection measures must be taken. When many unqualified beauty agencies do this kind of surgery, due to the lack of relevant knowledge, this disinfection will not be thorough enough, which will seriously affect the effect of plastic surgery, and in serious cases, it will also affect life. Whether before or after micro plastic surgery, we should take good disinfection measures to ensure the effect of plastic surgery and the safety of life.

Myth 4: blindly trust micro plastic medical institutions, and the current plastic medical institutions are uneven. Although there are also some beauty methods, for which small beauty institutions will choose products whose packaging and sealing are not tight enough in order to save raw materials, such products often have great disadvantages, especially the possibility of pollution. Therefore, do not blindly trust these beauty institutions when conducting micro plastic surgery, so as not to affect their own health.