Say goodbye to PS and have a perfect face. Do you rely on micro plastic surgery or skin care products?

Say goodbye to PS and have a perfect face. Do you rely on micro plastic surgery or skin care products? Beauty has always been the eternal pursuit in people’s hearts. Whether it’s the current beauty camera, micro plastic surgery, semi permanent makeup setting and so on, they are all the ways for people to pursue beauty.

Are you still living in the world of selfie artifact and Mito PS? Do your photos always have that fixed “best” angle? Wake up! If you want to be photographed at any angle like the goddess, only having a convex, tight and three-dimensional heart-shaped face is the king. However, get’s most popular three-dimensional heart-shaped face needs two key words – full Apple muscle and tight rising contour! How to have the method of creating these two elements? Some people advocate micro plastic surgery, while others like to rely on skin care products. Which is the best choice for girls to reshape their faces? Let’s PK it!

1、 Cost required

Micro plastic surgery: Although the charging standards of each hospital or doctor are different, each part needs thousands to tens of thousands. If you want to make a perfect face shape with 360 degrees, it is very valuable!

Skin care products: the price of a bottle of shaping essence is about a few hundred yuan, but it can take 2 to 3 months. So as long as you choose the right skin care products for your skin, this cost is believed to be within the range of the girls.

2、 Effective time

Micro plastic surgery: the course of hyaluronic acid injection is generally completed within 20 minutes, and the effect is immediate. It is a very time-saving way to shape a three-dimensional heart-shaped face.

Skin care products: some people often complain that the effect of skin care products is not obvious. In fact, the metabolic cycle of skin is 28 days. Therefore, plastic products must be used for more than 1 month to achieve the ideal effect~

3、 Maintenance prescription

Micro shaping: the effect of micro shaping is beautiful when it is just finished, but it can only last for half a year to a year. If it doesn’t “return to the furnace” again, it will return to its original shape, which can be regarded as a bottomless hole~

Skin care products: Although the invasion of time will make the apple muscle sag and the contour line relax, as long as you are diligent in maintenance and use skin care products with massage techniques, you can maintain the young contour of the heart-shaped face for a long time!

4、 Safety factor

Micro plastic surgery: we always say that cosmetic surgery has risks, and we need to be careful when using the knife. Indeed, the sequelae of cosmetic surgery can’t be imagined. If we’re not prepared, girls don’t try it easily!

Skin care products: the ingredients in skin care products are very safe and can be used safely. As long as you identify the right brand, it is equal to zero risk~

To sum up, skin care products are the best choice for girls to create a perfect face, but what kind of plastic products should they choose in the market? Tell you ~ if you want to have the most popular three-dimensional heart-shaped face at present, you have to rely on the multi-dimensional filling and tightening essence newly launched by Estee Lauder. Unlike other skin care products, it makes the convex part convex and the tight part tight. After long-term use, you can obtain elastic, plump and smooth apple muscles and tight and rising contour lines. Not only that, it has a three-dimensional heart-shaped contour, The legal lines will also fade, and your face will look younger. Say goodbye to PS from now on, and you can burst your appearance from every angle!