Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Principle of laser wrinkle removal and RF wrinkle removal

  1. Laser wrinkle removal

When doing laser wrinkle removal, the form of physical energy acts on the skin, resulting in high-frequency oscillation of water molecules. The increase of molecular movement will produce heat, which will lead to the contraction of collagen, so as to synthesize and secrete new collagen, so as to make the skin achieve the effect of wrinkle removal.

  1. RF wrinkle removal

After contacting the skin again through the special probe, it is directly transmitted to the depth of the skin through the specific wavelength emitted, so as to promote the contraction of subcutaneous collagen fibers and tighten the loose skin, so as to achieve the purpose of wrinkle removal.

Which is the best choice between laser wrinkle removal and RF wrinkle removal

As a minimally invasive beauty project, laser wrinkle removal stimulates the growth of collagen under the skin through high heat, so as to act on the position of wrinkles and make wrinkles tighter and more elastic. Laser wrinkle removal is basically harmless to the skin of human face, and good results can be seen half a month after operation.

RF wrinkle removal can stimulate the growth of collagen, tighten the skin, restructure and shrink, remove wrinkles and improve the skin. There is no need to rest after RF rhytidectomy, which can directly restore normal life. This method itself has no side effects and is very safe and reliable.

The laser wrinkle removal and RF wrinkle removal itself will have subtle differences in the treatment function. Laser wrinkle removal can improve facial skin relaxation and remove deep wrinkles, so as to improve the whole face. RF wrinkle removal function can treat periocular, crow’s feet, neck, upper arm, abdomen, nasolabial groove and other positions, restore skin elasticity, make skin more elastic, and gradually reduce wrinkles.

However, there are some differences between laser wrinkle removal and RF wrinkle removal. Everyone’s skin condition is different, and the suitable treatment methods are also different. It is necessary to formulate an exclusive operation method according to the actual situation. Beauty lovers must go to a regular large hospital for wrinkle removal to ensure the safety of the operation.