Precautions for skin beauty and laser freckle removal

Laser speckle removal is the latest product of modern plastic surgery. Today, let’s learn about the effect of laser freckle removal?

1、 Laser freckle removal has strong selectivity: Although the number of freckles and rashes is relatively large, the vast majority still exist in isolation without fusion. Using laser to remove freckles can avoid damage to normal skin to the greatest extent.

2、 The frequency of laser freckle removal is relatively small: generally, freckles can achieve the effect of multiple treatments by other methods after 1 or 2 times of laser treatment.

3、 Less impact on skin function: it has been found that laser freckle removal can avoid the side effects of traditional treatment on skin. Laser freckle removal has no side effects and no adverse reactions, but it depends on the quality of treatment and whether the postoperative care is correct. At the end of the treatment, pay attention to diet, do not eat foods with high pigment content, and prevent the pigment from settling locally, such as coffee, celery and other photosensitive foods. In addition, avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, and protect the cleanness of the treatment area to avoid infection, In addition, the skin will become very sensitive and delicate after this treatment, which is easy to leave traces. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and sunscreen for a few days after the operation, try to avoid going out, and be sure to use sunscreen.