Precautions and nursing of laser whitening

The types of laser whitening include high-tech solid Q-switch laser, image beam laser, etc. during laser speckle removal, the pigment is completely broken and disintegrated under the irradiation of powerful laser, and then dissipates by itself, so as to obtain the effect of effective whitening and thin face. After laser whitening, the skin still needs postoperative care.

Precautions for laser whitening:

  1. After laser whitening treatment, there will be slight burning sensation and slight redness of the skin at the treatment site, which is a normal due reaction. If necessary, laser whitening can be done with local cold compress for 10-15 minutes to alleviate or eliminate the phenomenon of red heat.
  2. After laser whitening, the skin should be cleaned with low-temperature water on the same day. Moisturizing, sunscreen and skin care products can be used for laser whitening.
  3. Do laser whitening, very few people may have scabs, blisters or temporary pigment changes after treatment. If any, please cooperate with the doctor for corresponding treatment.
  4. Please pay attention to sunscreen during laser whitening treatment.

Laser whitening care:

  1. If there is redness, swelling and discomfort in the laser whitening treatment area, ice compress can be used.
  2. After the scab falls off, there is no need to apply ointment for laser whitening, but sunscreen (above SPF15) should be applied indoors to prevent UV UVA / UVB damage.
  3. The treatment site is very sensitive to the sun, so the laser whitening should avoid the sun for 3 months to 6 months. Try to use sunscreen or umbrella to improve the treatment effect.
  4. After 1-2 weeks of laser whitening, go back to the outpatient department for follow-up examination. If there are abnormalities, see a doctor as soon as possible.