Photon rejuvenation recovery?

Photon freckle is a very good way to repair skin aging and skin relaxation, remove color spots on the skin, and make the skin more malleable and whiten the skin. Therefore, it is the reason why many female friends choose photon freckle. After photon freckle surgery, we should do a good job in skin care. Because the skin becomes more sensitive after photon rejuvenation, failure to do a good job in medical care will cause allergic symptoms.

Photon freckle repair time is closely related to the skin type of photon freckle. If the skin type standard is good, the repair time will be relatively reduced. Photon freckle treatment takes only 15 to 20 minutes each time. After whitening and rejuvenation, the facial skin is white and red in time, white and flawless. You can work with makeup immediately. The skin is not easy to swell or molt, which does not affect the daily life and work.

After some people have done photon freckle removal, there may be some swelling, pain and tissue fluid extravasation. After a period of time, the wound at that time may have scarring. Generally, it will completely fall down in 5-7 days. Of course, the scarring will fall down. There is no need to pull off the scarring casually to prevent scarring and pigmentation. And will feel itchy after a period of time. But at this time, do not scratch hard, because it may cause infection.

In addition, in the whole process of photon freckle removal, beauty and skin care, there will be a reflection of light and heat power generation between the focusing effect and the deep level of the skin. Under such irritation, the proliferation of collagen powder can improve the skin ductility and improve the skin. Therefore, all photon freckle beauty technology can be said to have the characteristics of one technique and multiple effects, and usually the whole treatment process is not long-term, so the short time is also the advantage of photon freckle beauty and skin care.

In addition, during the photon treatment period, it must be taboo to do facial massage to prevent the cuticle of the skin from becoming soft in the whole process of massage, and then it is easy to have red blood filaments. Because the cause of color spots and their various aging is direct sunlight, the application of sunscreen isolation and sunscreen is key. The standard of sunscreen should be more than 28 times as much as possible, and the two-way sunscreen with PA can also have practical effect. The use of natural skin moisturizing cream is also needed.

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