Photon rejuvenation fine lines?

The surgical treatment of photon freckle is a whitening method selected by many female friends in recent years. It can quickly repair the relaxation and color spots of the skin. In addition, photon freckle can shrink pores and improve the ductility of the skin, which is conducive to the growth and development of irritating skin collagen egg white powder. Therefore, photon freckle can remove wrinkles on the face, What are the advantages of photon freckle removal.

Photon freckle can remove facial wrinkles. Compared with the traditional wrinkle removal surgery, its surgical treatment results and safety factor are very satisfactory. Moreover, we understand that laser cosmetic surgery can not only deal with many facial skin difficulties in the current period, but if the subject wants to accept photon freckle to remove facial wrinkles, It is still necessary to understand the advantages of photon freckle removal and facial wrinkles.

Advantages of photon freckle removal in removing facial wrinkles:

  1. Photon freckle removal removes facial wrinkles. Compared with other traditional wrinkle removal surgical tips, the surgical treatment results are good, and the subject will not feel all the pain.
  2. Photon freckle removal to remove wrinkles can not only reasonably improve facial wrinkles, but also stab to death. It can also make the facial skin strong, skin pores, facial melanin, color spots on the face and so on.
  3. Photon freckle removal surgery can not only remove facial wrinkles, but also stimulate newborns with skin collagen powder, so that the skin is not only free of small wrinkles, but also more and more smooth and malleable in the current period.
  4. Photon freckle surgery to remove small wrinkles has a short treatment time. In the current period, there are basically no side effects after the completion of surgical treatment, but sunscreen isolation after surgery is indeed quite serious.
  5. Photon freckle surgery is not as necessary to repair for a long time as traditional wrinkle removal surgery. Generally, it is not necessary to repair for a long time after photon freckle and wrinkle removal surgery. After completion, you can recover from work and life.

Today, the trick of photon freckle and wrinkle removal is to first apply the special refrigeration glue without color on the skin or on the top of the head. Leave the filter crystal mm away from the skin surface, and pay more attention to the spacing between the filter crystal and the skin. The laser starts from the ear area and expands evenly to the four sides, successively shooting directly at the facial skin. Pay attention to changing the orientation of the filter crystal, and make its surface parallel to the skin surface from beginning to end anytime and anywhere, so as to make the result symmetrical. And it also has the effect of whitening and rejuvenating the skin in the current period of wrinkle removal. It can be said that photon freckle and neck wrinkle removal is a newly upgraded professional skincare skill, which can increase the skin ductility.

In addition, photon freckle removal can first irradiate the surface of the skin, and photon beauty can penetrate to the deep level of the skin. It can use sexual effect on melanin or blood vessels in subcutaneous tissue, split color spots, close abnormal red blood filaments, and eliminate various defects on the skin. And this kind of photon beauty can also affect the proliferation of collagen powder in subcutaneous tissue, so that the pure natural collagen can be distributed and reorganized, and then it can promote the reduction of skin pores and wrinkles, and the ductility and gloss of skin rehabilitation treatment.

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