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Photon rejuvenation and wrinkle removal?

Photon freckle surgery can remove wrinkles on the face very well, because photon freckle can promote the reconstruction of skin collagen powder, and then improve the ductility of the skin and the actual effect of removing wrinkles. The actual effect of photon freckle and wrinkle removal is relatively fast. Generally, it only takes 15 minutes to repair in detail, but we should pay attention to the skin care after photon freckle and wrinkle removal, so that the skin can be repaired quickly.

Photon freckle removal is an excellent new science and technology beauty salon project. It selects a special wide spectrometer color light and immediately shines directly on the surface of the skin. It can penetrate to the deep level of the skin, and can selectively work on melanin or blood vessels in subcutaneous tissue, dissolve color spots, and close abnormal red blood filaments. In addition, photon beauty can stimulate the proliferation of collagen powder in subcutaneous tissue.

Photon freckle can reasonably remove wrinkles or make the skin more smooth and fresh. The strong pulse light effect caused by photon freckle removal can cause photochemical reaction effect after it is applied to the skin, so as to cause molecular chemical reaction in the fiber cells and elastic chemical fibers of the dermis, repair the original ductility and irritation, and the pre chemical fiber germ cells metabolize a large amount of collagen egg white powder to smooth the fine wrinkles. In addition, the photothermal power generation effect can improve the role of blood vessels, improve the circulatory system, repair healthy and beautiful skin, and achieve the actual effect of smoothing wrinkles and shrinking pores.

Photon freckle to remove neck wrinkles. Photon freckle removes neck lines. Apply the special refrigeration glue without color immediately on the, or on the top of the head. Photon speckle removal removes neck lines and leaves the filter crystal 1-2mm away from the surface. For the sensitive part, it should be raised to about 3mm. Pay attention to the interval between the filter crystal and the surface. The treatment of photon freckle removal of neck lines starts from the ear area and extends evenly to the periphery, successively directly to the face. Photon freckle removes neck lines. Pay attention to changing the orientation of the filter crystal, and make its surface parallel to the surface from beginning to end anytime and anywhere, so as to make the actual effect symmetrical.

Photon freckle removes neck lines. Immediately carry out the observation of immediate reflection after the direct exposure of 3-4 adjacent detection light points in the ear area. In the whole process of removing neck lines with photon freckle, when the specific energy is suitable, the patient may also feel hot, but the duration is not easy to exceed 30s. There will be slight redness immediately after direct exposure, and slight blackening at the color spots. Finally, eliminate wrinkles and shrink pores.

After the operation, prepare two clean cotton towels in advance every day. After the tap water is wet, fold them neatly, wrap them in clean food packaging bags, put them in the freezer of the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, take out the cotton towel from the refrigerator and put it every time you go home, then clean it with cold water and neutralized facial cleanser, and pat the moisturizer. On the first day of photon freckle removal, it is best not to have make-up, especially when the treatment area is slightly red, indicating that the skin has been repaired by itself. At this time, make-up and friction of the treatment area are also not allowed.

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