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Photon rejuvenation and speckle removal?

Stain is a headache for many people, and it will have a great impact on people’s image. In today’s medical device industry, there are still many freckle removal methods. For example, photon beauty rejuvenation freckle removal is a freckle removal method favored by many beauty seekers, and its actual effect is also very good. Next, let’s introduce the professional knowledge of photon beauty rejuvenation and freckle removal!

1、 Characteristics

The characteristic of photon freckle removal is that it does no damage to the skin after removing the disease, and the whole process of treatment is simple. After treatment, it can immediately clean the face and make-up without affecting all normal work. It is the safest method of diagnosis, treatment and whitening at this stage.

2、 Scope of application

  1. If you want to change the color of the skin, expect the skin to be more malleable, smoother, and improve the dullness of the skin;
  2. Large pores on the face: large pores on the face and dry skin;
  3. Dull skin: the color of the skin is uneven and turns yellow;
  4. Pigmentation: some chloasma, sunburn and other color spots;
  5. Pockmarks: pockmarks after acne and scars left by trauma;
  6. There are a few light colored spots on the face, whether sunny or freckles;
  7. Slight wrinkles: slight wrinkles on the eyes and face.

3、 Taboo group

Skin color is black, melanin is very easy, calm and calm people had better not do photorejuvenation. Because such people must increase the irritation level of photon beauty and improve the compressive strength of direct photon beauty can achieve the effect. Once it exceeds the safety scope, it will be more irritating melanin into melanin, causing the skin to be burned. In addition, some skin problems, such as freckles, are related to genetic and genetic genes. Even if they were solved at that time, they were very easy to attack soon. In addition, photon rejuvenation should not be done for people with photoallergy, partial and systemic inflammation, shortcomings of human immune system, scar constitution, recent application of photoallergic drugs, pregnant women, abnormal hemagglutination and those who have applied aspirin or antioxidants.

The above is a detailed introduction to the characteristics, scope of application and taboo groups of photon beauty rejuvenation and freckle removal. Naturally, if your physical quality is not suitable for photon rejuvenation, in order to ensure your physical and mental health and safety, you should never choose this kind of medical and beauty methods!

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