Is laser dispelling stretch marks useful? Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser is a kind of physical therapy in clinic. Its main indications are patients with dermatological diseases, such as freckles, coffee spots, sunburn, age spots, tattoos and so on. Generally, laser does not need anesthesia, and the treatment area needs to be cleaned before treatment. Laser treatment has certain risks, so it is required to protect the eyes of patients and doctors during treatment to avoid damage to the eyes. Secondly, aseptic reasons are required during treatment. After treatment, anti-inflammatory treatment should be actively carried out to avoid physical infection. Today, we invite Wu Zhiyuan, chief physician of the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University, to give us a special interpretation on the effect of laser treatment on stretch marks and whether laser hair removal is safe.

Is laser dispelling stretch marks useful?

Laser can obviously remove stretch marks. Stretch marks are mainly subcutaneous scars caused by the rupture of skin and dermis caused by the rapid expansion of abdominal volume during pregnancy. Stretch marks also belong to atrophic scars. At present, there are many treatment methods, one of which is laser method.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is generally safe. Laser hair removal is a method of hair removal using the latest laser technology, without major side effects. Some patients may leave melanin spots or red skin, which can also subside after a few months. The effect of removing pockmarks by laser is better. There are two kinds of pockmarks, one is red pockmarks and the other is black pockmarks.

Clinically, the treatment of stretch marks with laser is obvious. Stretch marks can be reduced or completely eliminated by laser. Laser hair removal is more safe, but some patients will have certain complications, such as black spots or red skin after operation. At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with doctors for active treatment to avoid sequelae. After laser treatment, ice compress is generally required to prevent wound infection. Some patients need to avoid sunlight and skin sensitive injury after laser treatment. Laser treatment as a whole is a relatively new treatment method. At present, many hospitals have laser treatment. Although it is safe as a whole, it is still recommended to choose professional dermatologists in regular hospitals for treatment to avoid damage to other aspects of the skin.