How to ensure the effect after skin beauty laser freckle removal?

Many female friends have more spots on their faces after childbirth. For women who love beauty, it is inevitable that they will take out their previous photos for comparison. However, they feel that they are not beautiful and look a lot older. So I made up my mind to choose laser freckle removal.

After laser freckle removal, four precautions shall be taken to ensure the freckle removal effect:

  1. After the laser freckle removal treatment, the skin may be inflamed due to the energy, but this is normal. Sometimes there is a slight heat sensation, but it will soon subside.
  2. After laser freckle removal, wipe anti-inflammatory cream every day. The wound will slowly form scabs. After about a week, it will peel off. At this time, the skin is pink. During this process, pay attention to keep clean and avoid sun exposure, otherwise the effect of laser freckle removal will be affected.
  3. After laser freckle removal, if the pigment hasn’t completely subsided, you don’t have to worry. The next treatment can be carried out in about 2 months.
  4. Itching after light freckle removal is a normal phenomenon, so don’t worry. Because laser freckle removal is a non-invasive laser cosmetic method, with small trauma and no damage to normal skin, but the skin will be fragile and sensitive after freckle removal, so we should pay attention to postoperative nursing. After laser freckle removal, if there is itching, you don’t have to worry about it. It will subside by itself in a few days. There is no need for treatment.