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How much can ultrasonic knife lose weight at a time? How many kilograms can ultrasonic knife lose weight once?

Ultrasonic knife weight loss is a widely used weight loss method at present. It mainly makes an incision at the fat accumulation part of the body through the action of vacuum and negative pressure, extracts the excess fat in the body, and then uses instruments and equipment to quickly extract it out of the body, which has the effect of rapid weight loss. After weight loss, the ultrasonic knife may cause certain damage to the skin tissue, and the skin may have redness and swelling. Follow the doctor’s advice, do a good job in postoperative local skin care, keep the wound dry and promote the rapid recovery of the wound. After weight loss, the ultrasonic knife should be worn and shaped in time under the guidance of relevant professional doctors to strengthen the shaping of weight loss parts, so as to avoid uneven phenomenon and affect the weight loss effect of ultrasonic knife.

After weight loss surgery, you should pay attention to staying in bed more, don’t do strenuous exercise, and don’t participate in heavy physical labor, ensure adequate sleep, avoid staying up late, and develop good work and rest habits. It is forbidden to eat spicy food, seafood and hair products.

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