How many times should beauty ultrasonic knife be done? Are there any restrictions on how many times to do beauty ultrasonic knife?

There may be no limit to how many times the beauty ultrasonic knife should be done, but the ultrasonic knife can only be done once at an interval of about two years.

The beauty ultrasound knife uses focused ultrasound technology and non-invasive treatment methods to treat the fascia layer of the skin. The ultrasound generated by the ultrasound knife has a certain massage effect on the cells, which can rearrange the subcutaneous cells through the changes of cell membrane, improve the blood circulation speed, and nourish the skin lacking water and nutrition, Effectively improve the problem of skin relaxation and sagging, smooth the depression or wrinkles on the face, have a relatively obvious anti-aging effect on the skin, and have relatively small trauma to the skin, simple operation and fast recovery time.

Usually do skin basic care, apply more mask to replenish water, regularly clean and clean the skin. After cleansing, apply moisturizing water and moisturizing cream in a timely manner, strengthen the facial massage, promote the absorption of moisturizing water and moisturizing cream, and replenish the moisture that the skin lacks.

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