How long can ultrasonic knife thin face see the effect? How about thin face with ultrasonic knife?

Ultrasound knife thin face usually can see the effect immediately. In the next six months, collagen will continue to regenerate. The effect can usually be maintained for three to five years, so that your skin can be about 10 years younger.

Ultrasound is mainly used to continuously repair the skin through the energy wave of polymer, so that the heat can produce an effective thermal effect in the skin fiber layer, enable the skin to start repairing cells again and promote the growth of cells again. At the same time, it can also stimulate the growth of its own collagen, so as to lift the face, rejuvenate the skin, and remove wrinkles on the face, For example, head lifting lines, legal lines, neck lines, eye lines, etc. The operation of hifu face lifting machine ultrasonic knife is relatively simple and the recovery is relatively fast. Usually, the effect can be seen immediately.

After the ultrasonic knife is finished, you must do a good job in sunscreen. When you go out, you can hold an umbrella and wear a hat. You should also pay attention to your diet. You can’t eat spicy and seafood food. It’s better in a short time. Don’t eat food with too much pigment and eat food rich in vitamin C.

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