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How long can facial ultrasound knife last once? Facial ultrasound knife for a long time?

Facial ultrasound knife can last for 3 ~ 5 years. The specific time should be determined according to the individual’s physical condition and later nursing. If the nursing is appropriate, the time will be prolonged.

Relaxation and sagging of facial skin will affect the facial features. Through the method of ultrasonic knife, wrinkles can be completely removed in a short time, and the wound is very small without any side effects, recurrence and rebound. The principle of ultrasonic knife is to directly act on the surface of the skin by using special sound wave transmission instruments, It can release high-energy heat in a short time and vibrate back and forth between target cells at a high speed, which can instantly increase the temperature in local skin, and make necrotic cell particles achieve the effect of self-healing. On the whole, it can lift and tighten the skin. The treatment method has little damage to skin fascia and will not damage capillaries.

During the recovery period, you should ensure adequate sleep, adjust your diet, and eat more fresh vegetables.

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