CO2 Fractional Laser

How effective is the first treatment of radiofrequency beauty

No beauty lover wants to see himself become old, so he will choose to do anti-aging projects. RF Beauty is also one of the anti-aging projects. How about the initial treatment effect of RF Beauty?

How do many people do anti-aging beauty treatment for the first time?

How effective is the first treatment of radiofrequency beauty?

In terms of efficacy, the immediate thermal effect after RF beauty treatment can cause the contraction and tightening of dermal collagen, stimulate the secretion of new collagen, tighten and relax the skin, make the skin youthful, significantly improve the skin texture and reduce wrinkles.

The magic of this micro plastic surgery is that after the first RF wrinkle removal treatment, the skin can feel the upward lifting and tightening effect. Then, the skin becomes more compact than before, and the expression lines and static lines at the corners of the eyes and mouth are gradually flattened. After a course of treatment, the skin will become more compact and anti-aging.

How long does it take for radiofrequency beauty full face treatment?

The whole face treatment takes half an hour, and a course of RF is 3 ~ 5 times. Of course, with the increase of times and further consolidation, the duration of curative effect is the same. For example, once treatment, the curative effect can be maintained for 1 ~ 2 months. If it is done 3 ~ 5 times (a course of treatment), the effect can be maintained for 1 ~ 2 years. “For bipolar RF, it is done every two or three weeks; for single-stage RF, it is done every three to four weeks.