How about using HIFU beauty instrument for 40 days? Is the quality acceptable?

HIFU machine is used for a month. How about HIFU beauty instrument! I only used it once after I bought it. I tried every function once. I have sensitive skin and pay more attention when I use it. The makeup remover can’t support the nasal wing, only the flat forehead and cheeks. I can’t see the difference from wiping it directly with a cotton piece. The blue light is really icy. The red light is said to be too short and ineffective. It is compact. There is a micro current and my hands are a little numb, I hope this expensive machine can be used consistently and effectively. I like it very much. It’s just used very comfortably and the quality looks very good. I hope it can be used better and better. It’s just shocking and hot. I’m very satisfied with a shopping trip. It looks really advanced!!! Hahaha, it’s fun to use it tonight. Service cycle: use it every two days. Effect: if it’s clean, I’m full-time now, so I don’t wash out a very dirty feeling. If it’s OK and compact, I like the red and blue light that feels very fun. I like it best. It can whiten and remove acne, calm and have beauty. It’s tall, cost-effective and easy to operate. In the evening, the mask was used once, and it can not see the effect for a time. After all, it will take a long time to produce the effect. Tangyuan hemp is recommended. I used it twice. I hope it works. I insist on buying the Almighty king and the mask. It’s really easy to use. I think the skin is delicate. I think it can be improved after I use it once. It’s very convenient to use one machine for multiple purposes. It’s not tight to lift and soften the skin. I insist on being practical. I don’t have to go to the beauty salon! The appearance is good-looking, beautiful and generous

The expected effect is specific, but it hasn’t been used yet. This HIFU machine for sale needs to see the long-term effect, and it won’t produce great effect once. I hope it’s easy to use. There’s nothing dirty on the face, but it’s a little dirty on the neck. It’s estimated that it’s the reason why I don’t pay attention to it at ordinary times. The import is good. Others are of no use for the time being.

It doesn’t work. For blue light, we hope to make the pores shrink and improve the skin’s effectiveness. No matter the effect and the appearance are good to perfection, apply the mask, the face cream can be used, the whole function is pulled tightly. If you have any questions, find Huanhuan. Thank Huanhuan for her patient explanation. Happy Mid Autumn Festival. I bought it with my mother tangyuan. I tried it yesterday. It’s very comfortable! Feel your skin blingbling! Women should treat themselves better and feel better! Skin care depends on persistence. I hope to keep my childlike appearance!

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