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How about testing HIFU beauty instrument in 6 months? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

How about a friend who has really used HIFU beauty best HIFU machine for home use? Do you regret buying it?, It’s still in use. I don’t know the effect. I’ll review it later. This beauty instrument is great. A machine has several functions and is still in use. Very good. Old for new repurchase is easy to use. I don’t know whether it works. I only used it once after I bought it. I tried every function once. I have sensitive skin and pay more attention when I use it. The makeup remover can’t support the nasal wing, only the flat forehead and cheeks. I can’t see the difference from wiping it directly with a cotton piece. The blue light is really icy. The red light is said to be too short and ineffective. It is compact. There is a micro current and my hands are a little numb, I hope this expensive machine can be used consistently and effectively. I tried it once last night, but I didn’t expect it to be effective once. It’s great. I used it once, and I feel OK and satisfied. I can see a good effect only by using it slowly. I feel that it is multi-functional and has the effect of cleaning and wrinkle removal: the packaging is very foreign and generous, and it’s very suitable to send it to basin friends. Good packing: the packing is very foreign and generous. It is very suitable for basin friends. Features: multifunctional, with the function of cleaning and wrinkle removal

The best HIFU machine for home use is also presented as a gift. The effect of the baby is expected to be very good. I hope Miaomiao will become better and better. It is being tried out… It is very easy to use and has good effect. You can do beauty at home, bang bang ~

I will insist on using it. I bought such an expensive best HIFU machine for home use for the first time, which is also my first beauty instrument. I am a acne muscle. My skin has always been acne repeatedly recently. I think it still has a certain effect, and I feel at ease. I hope my skin is getting better and better. Please, there are really many functions. It doesn’t feel good to use. It’s recommended by sister Xiang’s live studio, First, let’s talk about the cleaning function. I will wash it normally before use, and then clean it again with the instrument. The cotton pad after use will still be a little dirty, indicating that the cleaning function is still OK. The second thing I feel is RF. My face is a little red after using it. I suggest using this function at night. The effect after I use it is not as obvious as that in sister Xiang’s live studio, but I believe sister Xiang, stick to it for a while. As soon as I arrived, I asked the customer service how to use it. It was great. Thank you. The delivery was fast and the use was pretty good

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