How about HIFU beauty instrument? Is there a truth?

How about HIFU beauty instrument? Is there a truth? Comment on the authenticity of pictures and texts, exposure evaluation: How about ultra HIFU machine? The HIFU beauty machine I liked in the physical store was hesitant when I was in the physical store. Later, I saw some evaluation of the HIFU beauty machine online. The ultra HIFU machine started online is much more affordable than offline. It’s very good. I hope I can insist on using it. I think it’s really cost-effective to buy the double 11. The ultra HIFU machine is still OK. I also gave an eye massage machine, Very good. I’m very satisfied. I felt good after using it once. I have sensitive skin and have no allergies. I used the firming function. The next morning, my skin was tender and smooth. I was very happy. Skin care will stick to this road. When I bought this instrument for the first time, it was very easy to use when it was broadcast live at 33. It has complete functions, good-looking appearance, and sensitive muscles are also very suitable for use. I felt that I had done a skin management in the beauty salon.

It has been in hand for more than half a month. It is basically used every other day. Because it is sensitive skin, the most used is blue light. The calming effect is obvious? The redness and swelling disappeared obviously quickly, but I really don’t feel any difference between deep cleaning and introduction. Tira hasn’t tried yet, Because of my recent skin allergy, I really think the eye massage instrument I sent is very easy to use… It used to be a little teardrop, but now it’s always a little swollen. I feel that the teardrop is much better after applying eye cream every day for less than a week… The red light lifting effect is also good, and the cleaning mode hasn’t been obtained. Did I wash my face too clean? Ha ha ha, in short, it’s highly praised. Shanshan recommended ~ Da Ai to buy a cheap version Yes, I bought this one again… It is used every day, with different effects… Great… It looks really advanced!

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