Jordishape Slimming Machine

How about HIFU beauty instrument? Is it really easy to use?

How about a novice HIFU beauty instrument? Are many people trapped?, The real object is very exquisite. The expected effect is not used yet. The machine that looks good can be sunk. Use in to evaluate the service cycle: receive it for two days and use it every day. The use of super convenient effect: clean and cleaner, absorption is also good, appearance material: with a very tall appearance, ha ha ha, things are very good with gel +EMS with a very hot and very comfortable gift, it is also very good to use face washing machine to run out of the face slippery. It’s been used for half a month. I like the function of lifting most. In the past half a month, the face lifting and tightening has had many effects. It’s obvious that other functions are also very good to use together. Because there is less makeup, the cleaning function has not been used too much; After the initial use of the president, the smallpox virus was used. Later, it used a steamed face detector, a vaccinating device, a spray, and then used the mini HIFU machine absorption, red light and blue light. There was no long blain in the use of the blue light, but other products could still be used: the quality of the product was not wrong, because it had not been used for a long time, so it could not distinguish the effect. I hope it didn’t disappoint me. The good thing is that the packaging is in good condition: the product quality is still good, because it hasn’t been used for a long time, so I can’t tell the effect. I think it’s still OK. I hope it didn’t disappoint me. The good thing in the future is to add evaluation on the use effect: it’s really good after several times, and it’s worth recommending. The packaging is intact: it’s really good after several times, and it’s worth recommending

It’s very good to use it, and sent the beauty eye instrument just started, and used the following cleaning, import and ice compress. After the introduction of the mask, there was no exaggeration of all kinds of grass bloggers. As a general rule, the ice cream feeling was still ready. Other functions were to be used. The key point was that the instruction manual was too crude. Huanhuan and Miaomiao all have five points. They have complete functions and are very comfortable to use. It took me a few days to comment. The effect is very good. My friend said that I lost a lot of weight and my skin color was much better after using it. I like it

The cleaning effect of mini HIFU machine is very clean. I use it every day. The lifting effect was used once, and the strength was turned to max. the next day, the face felt small. Import effect is very good, usually with cream, I also take this guide. Red and blue light doesn’t feel much, but the skin is much tender. In short, I am very satisfied. The price is so cheap and the functions are so good. Full marks. Lift effect is not much done with my beauty salon. I don’t have to go there in the future. I feel that the skin is firmer after use. After using the blue light mode, I found that the skin in the used area turns a little white. Customer service was very patient. They were still answering after-sales questions at more than 11 a.m. fabulous. I sent an eye and lip instrument and a moisturizer. It’s good to use.

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