Does photon rejuvenation not scab?

Photon freckle removal is a popular whitening method with a high level in today’s beauty industry. It is also a micro adjustment method that can deal with a variety of skin problems and make beauty seekers look more youthful and beautiful. Naturally, after photon freckle removal, many people scar, many people do not scar, which belongs to all normal conditions. Let’s introduce the post-operative nursing knowledge of photon freckle removal!

1、 Day 1-3 pain relief waiting for scarring

After Photorejuvenation, there will be different levels of swelling, pain and tissue fluid extravasation. This time is probably within 24-72 hours after the operation. If the tragic wound is inflamed or has blood extravasation, you don’t have to wipe everything in a hurry. Just like it. If it is more serious, please see a doctor immediately. Regular life and pay attention to rest can be beneficial to wound healing.

2、 Day 4-6 relieve itching and reduce tension

After the first three days of pain, I entered the second stage of training, which is the itching at the beginning of scarring. The only way to eliminate itching is to make the wound more and more moist, but you must not wear day cream. Because demulsifier is very easy to increase the healing time of the wound, you should choose water-soluble things. For example, cosmetics, skin care sprays, sun repair facial mask, high aspect ratio moisturizing products for sensitive skin. Apply a little more and continue to remedy. Apply it as soon as it itches without scratching.

Until sixth days, if the wound has already been completely scars, then you can use very little cleansing cream to gently wash your face. But you must use moisturizing lotion or gel like face products. It will be more gentle. After washing, apply water soluble moisturizing lotion, contain a small amount of oil, reduce the skin tighten feeling.

3、 Day 7-14: basically clean, moisturize and replenish water with high efficiency

After photon rejuvenation, you can’t clean your skin for a week, so it’s normal for your skin to deteriorate badly. Don’t worry. Until the 7th day, the most important maintenance is cleaning and deep moisturizing. During this period, the way to clean pores is to make mud like replenishment mask, because it will moisten the calluses and fall down in the process of cleaning. Do not touch the wound or squeeze the scars. Finished the mud replenishment mask, and then make a film replenishment mask, can greatly reduce the feeling of facial discomfort.

The above is a detailed introduction to the common problems after photon freckle treatment. In fact, the actual effect of photon freckle removal is very good. The operation process of photon freckle removal is very important. In terms of those seeking beauty, we also need to pay great attention to the medical work after surgical treatment!

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