Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Does laser hairdressing treatment have harm?

The principle of laser beauty is to generate high energy, focus, and monochromatic light with a certain penetrating force, and to generate high heat in the body to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying the target tissue. Laser pulses with different wavelengths can treat various vascular skin diseases and pigmentation, such as nevus of Ota, port wine stains, freckles, senile plaques, telangiectasia, tattoo, eyewash, eyebrow washing, etc. Treat scars, etc.

Laser cosmetology, as a modern new cosmetology technology, mainly has the technical characteristics of rapidity and safety. As long as the beauty seeker carefully selects a regular professional hospital before receiving laser cosmetology treatment and pays attention to the following three points, the harm of laser cosmetology can be reduced to:

  1. The principle of laser is to treat with high-intensity temperature. Laser beauty has a certain sense of pain, but it is much less painful than other methods. The pain of laser wrinkle removal and depilation is lighter, and it feels like a rubber band bouncing on the skin. If the patient is very sensitive to pain, it can be applied with surface anesthetic ointment before treatment, so as to obtain better analgesic effect. Among them, laser wrinkle removal and skin change, Local anesthesia is feasible.
  2. The working principle of laser is to use strong light. Because the light emitted by laser is very strong, and there are many colors of light, including green light, yellow light, red light, infrared light, etc., these lights have certain damage to the retina and cornea, but this problem can be avoided only by wearing special protective glasses during the operation. When the beauty seeker receives treatment, he can close his eyes and wear a protective eye mask.
  3. In the laser treatment of wrinkles and depilation, as long as the energy of the laser is properly selected, the risk of damaging the skin and leaving scars is actually very low, but it must be operated by experienced experts. Experienced doctors can grasp the grinding depth according to the color change of the skin, so as to avoid the problem of scars.