Jordishape Slimming Machine

Can ultrasonic scalpel thin masseter muscle? How about thin masseter muscle with ultrasonic knife?

Ultrasonic scalpel generally can not thin masseter muscle. Ultrasonic scalpel can tighten the skin without the effect of thin masseter muscle. If you want to thin legged chicken, you can go to a regular third-class hospital to improve it by injecting thin face needle.

  1. Ultrasonic knife. It belongs to a means of beauty. It mainly uses special beauty instruments to act on the parts of the subcutaneous fat layer, so as to make the skin self repair, stimulate the regeneration of subcutaneous collagen, make the skin compact, and achieve the effect of removing wrinkles. It has no effect on the thin masseter muscle.
  2. Thin face needle thin psoas muscle. It is mainly through the injection of type A, a period of organic transmission of information, so that the hypertrophic part of the masseter muscle shrinks slowly to achieve the effect of slimming the face.

No matter what kind of surgery you do, you need to go to a formal beauty medical institution and find an experienced doctor to operate it, so as to avoid the adverse consequences caused by improper operation of the doctor. Do not eat hard food for a short time after injection. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and foods rich in collagen.

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