Can RF make the skin better

The emergence of RF beauty makes many people like it because it has a great effect on the skin, but some people are curious about it without trying. Can RF Beauty make the skin better?

With age

Women’s skin will slowly deteriorate

This is intolerable for women who are naturally beautiful

So many people want to make their skin better

So can RF Beauty make the skin better?

Cosmetic effect of RF

  1. Tighten loose skin and shrink pores.
  2. Remove the true and false wrinkles and flatten the legal lines.
  3. Improve eye bags and remove dark circles.
  4. Improve dull complexion and whiten skin.
  5. Tighten double chin and neck wrinkles.
  6. Concave convex hole, acne, pigment mark, rapid repair and lightening.

What is the magical effect of photon rejuvenation

Photon rejuvenation has the functions of rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and whitening. Using the principle of selective photothermal action, the longer wavelength light in the output strong pulse light can penetrate into the deeper tissues of the skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, stimulate the skin, make the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis produce chemical changes in the molecular structure, increase their number, rearrange, restore their original elasticity, make the skin smooth, white and more elastic, and achieve the purpose of eliminating or reducing wrinkles.

In addition, the light energy released by photons makes melanocytes absorb light energy and convert it into heat energy. The temperature of melanocytes increases, which affects melanocytes and disintegrates them, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening.