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Can photon rejuvenation scab?

In the medical beauty industry, photon beauty has a very common main purpose. It can not only be used as hair removal, but also help the skin firm and have the practical effect of whitening, rejuvenating and removing scars. However, before photon freckle removal, it should also be noted that photon beauty has certain stimulation. For patients with sensitive skin, there may be wound suppuration after surgery, At this time, what should be done to help repair the wound?

In addition, it can be applied to the skin directly, reduce the skin pigmentation and wrinkles, and selectively reduce the skin pigmentation through the pulse of light. In addition, it can reduce the skin pigmentation and wrinkles.

However, it should be noted that some maintenance work needs to be carried out after photon rejuvenation, otherwise it may not have the estimated effect:

1、 It is not necessary to forcibly tear off the scab at the scar position

After some people have done photon freckle removal for a period of time, they may have scars and feel itchy, but they can’t scratch them with force. Otherwise, tearing off the scab may cause scars, and they should let it fall down naturally.

2、 Prevent the use of facial cleanser in the short term

After photon freckle treatment, if there is a scar, it can fall down in 5-7 days. In the future, a small amount of facial cleanser can be used to clean the face gently. If it is used in the past, the harmful substances in facial washing products are very easy to invade the wound, resulting in an increase in its recovery time. In addition, after washing your face, you should apply water soluble moisturizing lotion to minimize some oily moisturizing products, so as to reduce the tension of the skin.

3、 Pay attention to sun protection and isolation

After photon freckle treatment, because the skin is fresh, tender and sensitive, if there is no safety protection, it will cause pigmentation. At this time, especially when it is necessary to pay attention to sunscreen isolation, it is suggested that it is not necessary to go out during the hot and sunny time at noon. Once you go out, you must apply sunscreen at any time, apply it at the door in the morning and make it up in the afternoon, Make up every 2-3 hours when there are outdoor activities and games.

Although photon freckle has a very obvious practical effect on skin care, for pregnant and menstruating women, photon beauty may affect the tissue and somatic cells in the lower layer of the skin, resulting in endocrine imbalance. We don’t care about our selection in unique links.

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