Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Are thin faced people suitable for ultrasonic scalpels? How about a thin face making an ultrasonic knife?

Thin faced people are suitable for ultrasonic scalpels. Ultrasonic scalpel can improve their own blood circulation, improve the relaxation and sagging of the skin, and smooth the concave wrinkles of the face.

Ultrasonic scalpel is a common cosmetic method, which can stimulate collagen regeneration under the cortex, improve facial problems, and make the skin more compact and full. Ultrasonic scalpel mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic gathering heat energy to enter the deep layer of cortex and transfer fascia layer through the transmission mode of dot matrix light and heat. Through the destruction of cells, it can start the self-healing of human body and effectively lift the skin as a whole. The ultrasonic knife will cause minor trauma to the subcutaneous fascia. The ultrasonic knife will have the effect of tightening, tightening and lifting the skin. The operation of the ultrasonic knife is very simple and the recovery is relatively fast. It usually will not cause too much damage to the skin.

After the ultrasonic scalpel is finished, it is necessary to take some anti-inflammatory drugs orally under the guidance of the doctor, which can prevent local infection. After the ultrasonic scalpel is finished, the face may become fragile. You can’t wash your face with too cold or too hot water in a short time.

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